Maha    मह      [ma' · ha]  /  adj :  1. Great.   Sanskrit

Also an acronym for Massage, Acupuncture, Herbs and Acroyoga

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These retreats will be a quest to pursue wholeness through immersion into the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Meditation, Thai massage and Chinese medicine - including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition & essential oils. Exploring and combining these practices with adventure, playfulness & live music while reconnecting with nature will guide us toward a deeper level of healing. Acroyoga practice will awaken our playful nature and foster effective communication as well as trust with others. Together we will reflect on the power of the natural world rediscovering joy & inspiration, grounding & connection, healing & renewal, gratitude & compassion. 


In Tune With Nature

In various ancient cultures, instruments were tuned to 432 Hz which is mathematically consistent with the natural vibration of the universe and transmits beneficial healing energy. It is basically the equivalent of sacred geometry in music. Live music reduces the stress hormone Cortisol and enhances meditative and relaxing states of body and mind. We will integrate live violin music - tuned to 432 Hz - into our yoga class to magnify the benefits of the practice.