Maha    मह      [ma' · ha]  /  adj :  1. Great.   Sanskrit

Also an acronym for Massage, Acupuncture, Herbs and Acroyoga

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These retreats will be a quest to pursue wholeness through immersion into the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Meditation, Thai massage and Chinese medicine - including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition & essential oils. Exploring and combining these practices with adventure, playfulness & live music while reconnecting with nature will guide us toward a deeper level of healing. Acroyoga practice will awaken our playful nature and foster effective communication as well as trust with others. Together we will reflect on the power of the natural world rediscovering joy & inspiration, grounding & connection, healing & renewal, gratitude & compassion. 



The first Maha Retreat was by far one of the most transformative weeks of my life. The beauty of the natural environment we were able to be a part of was enhanced by the healing space that was held by the leaders of the group and the group as a whole. It was so powerful to have a week where all my daily tasks were met and I could open up to what my body needed. The retreat center allowed me to feel like I was far from the rest of the world and simultaneously so connected to the pieces of my world that really matter. The delicious food, amazing garden and views, and nurturing people added to this feeling of wholeness. I got to be in my body with yoga and massage and acupuncture and allow myself to open up to the power of each moment in such distinct ways. It was awakening and magical; it was a space I would say we all need to exist! I’m so grateful for my time with this amazing group.
— Cythera W.

MAHA Retreat was a wonderful breath of fresh air and a true gift of an experience. From the welcoming, loving, and positive atmosphere created by the lovely hostesses, to the stunning landscape of Crestone; it was all-around magical. There was a wonderful balance of peaceful meditation, yoga, and space to connect to yourself and the stillness, as well as opportunity for adventure, wonderful interaction, connection, and play with amazing people. I loved how it brought so many different people, from various walks of life, together and by the end we felt like family. Crestone Mountain Zen Center is beautiful and the food (most of which is farm to table and locally sourced) is delicious! The variety of activities offered; from yoga, acupuncture, massage, and meditation to hiking, sand boarding, crafts, and acroyoga, fed my mind, soul, body, and inner kid. If you’re looking for an incredible experience to further your wellness, connect with nature and beautiful people, have fun, see spectacular sights, and experience joy, then I highly recommend this retreat. I am so grateful I had the opportunity and that I will be returning again! Thank you!!!
— Angela M.

Rarely do we give ourselves the gift of time. My first MAHA Retreat was a beautiful set of time for myself to not only retreat inwards, but also treat myself outwardly with yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, fresh air and new friendships. I look forward to re-treating myself again soon ;) this time in the Adirondacks.
— Whitney T.

My MAHA experience was phenomenal. A Retreat indeed!!! Val & Ashlee were very knowledgeable and both were amazing instructors with beautiful souls. We met new friends, ate fresh cooked meals, enjoyed lots of yoga, hikes, crafts, soaked in a mineral pool, had massages and acupuncture plus much more. This amazing MAHA retreat changed my outlook on life by allowing me to be more open to all opportunities & possibilities.
— Belinda 'BeeBee' D.

In Tune With Nature

In various ancient cultures, instruments were tuned to 432 Hz which is mathematically consistent with the natural vibration of the universe and transmits beneficial healing energy. It is basically the equivalent of sacred geometry in music. Live music reduces the stress hormone Cortisol and enhances meditative and relaxing states of body and mind. We will integrate live violin music - tuned to 432 Hz - into our yoga class to magnify the benefits of the practice.

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